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Qualitatively the best

Le università americane della nostra rete

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I dati della statistica

1. Drexel University

2. La Salle University
3. State University of New York (64 campuses)

4. Lewis University
5. University of Cincinnati
6. Berkeley College
7. National University
8. Xavier University
9. University of Findlay
10. Northeastern State University
11. Delaware County Community College
12. Lane County Community College




Drexel University

Location: Philadelphia, PA Ranking: #38 Top Business School (Business Week Magazine 2009) #86

Top University in America (U.S. News & World Report 2011)

Popular majors: Business, Biology, Design, IT, Engineering, Nursing

Student population: 23,000 students

Feature: Drexel Co-op. Students earn up to 18 months of working experience
and get paid the average amount of $16,000

Scholarships: Range from $5,000 -$23,000. Average scholarship is $15,000

Tuition & Living Cost
- Undergraduate: $33,800 - Graduate: $ 33,285 -Living Expenses: $13,300




La Salle University

Location: Philadelphia, PA
Ranking: #41 Regional University (North) (U.S. News & World Report 2011)

Popular majors: Business, Accounting, Finance, Management,
Biology, Nursing, Communication, Pre-Medicine

Student population: 7,331 students
Feature: Rolling Admission
Scholarships: Range from $9,000 to 100% tuition Tuition & Living Cost

- Undergraduate: $34,800 - Graduate: $19,00 -Living Expenses: $11,000




State University of New York

Location: 64 Campuses across the state of New York More then 7000 degree programs

Four types of institutions:

1) University Centers and Doctor Degree Granting Institutions
2) University Colleges
3) Technology Colleges

4) Community Colleges Features of SUNY system:

1) Guaranteed admission to one of the 30 SUNY campuses if a student applies
to three campuses of his/her choice
2) Location, Location, Location

3) Cost
Tuition at University Centers and Colleges - $14,320 Tuition at Community Colleges - $7,630
Living Expenses: $9,190-10,820
4) Worldwide Alumni Network. SUNY Alumni number over 2.5 million graduates residing in
New York State and throughout the world



Lewis University

Location: Romeoville, Illinois Ranking: #41 Regional Universities (Midwest) (U.S.

News &World Report)

Popular majors: Accounting, Aerospace Studies, Athletic Coaching,
Athletic Training, Biology, Biotechnology, Human Resource

Student population: 6,800 students Feature: Rolling Admission

Located only 30 minutes away from Chicago. Scholarships: Range from $4,500 -$5,500

Tuition & Living Cost - Undergraduate: $24,770 - Graduate: $21,000 -Living Expenses: $11,000




University of Cincinnati

Location: Cincinnati, Ohio Ranking: A Tier 1 University, a top 100 public

university and #4 Coop
program in the nation (U.S. News &World Report)

Popular majors: Architecture, Design, Business, Engineering, Music

Student population: 41,000 students
Feature: Co-op program in Fortune 500 corporations Scholarships: Range from $1,000 -$12,000. Average

scholarship is $5,000

Tuition & Living Cost - Undergraduate: $24,942 - Graduate: $23,985 -Living Expenses: $11,319



Berkeley College

Location: New York City, NY Popular majors: Justice Studies, Criminal Justice, Fashion Marketing and Management, Accounting

Student population: 8,700 students

Feature: Rolling Admission
Opportunity to get an associate degree in 18 months or a BA degree in as little as 3 years

Scholarships: Up to 25% of tuition

Tuition & Living Cost - Undergraduate: $20,700 -Living Expenses: $11,850




National University

Location: Los Angeles and San Diego, California Second-largest private, nonprofit institution of higher education in California

and 12th largest in the United States.

Popular majors: Business, MBA, Accountancy, Computer Science,

Information Science, Criminal Justice, Engineering Management, Forensic
Science, Clinical Regulatory Affairs, Environmental Engineering, Pre-MBA

Student population: 27,232 students

Accelerated format, students study only one course per month and can

complete up to 12 courses a year. Students can enter at multiple times of the
year instead of the traditional bi-yearly intakes offered at other institutions.

Scholarships: up to $3,000 a year

Tuition & Living Cost
$1215.00 per ESL course
$1386.00 per Undergraduate course
$1575.00 per graduate course
Total: approximately $30,000 (tuition, room, board)



Xavier University

Location: Cincinnati, Ohio Ranking: One of the nation’s best colleges and

universities for 16
consecutive years (U.S. News &World Report)

Popular majors: Business, Pre-Medicine, Pre-Law, Political Science

Student population: 6,672 students

Feature: Rolling Admissions. Excellent basketball and soccer

Scholarships: Range from $7,000 -$14,000. Average

scholarship is $10,000

Tuition & Living Cost
- Undergraduate: $30,230-$31,230 - Graduate: $9,630-$13,320 -Living Expenses: $11,000




University of Findlay

Location: Findlay, Ohio
Ranking: In the top tier of “America’s Best Colleges” in Midwest

(U.S. News & World Report);; Best Midwestern College (Princeton Review)

Popular majors: Business, Education, Equestrian studies, Preveterinary medicine, Nuclear medicine technology

Student population: 3,700 students
Feature: GMAT is not required for MBA application Scholarships: Undergraduate scholarships range from

$8,000 - $13,500. Graduate maximum scholarship is $1,000

Tuition & Living Cost - Undergraduate: $27,290 - Graduate: $22,750 -Living Expenses: $9,074





Northeastern State University

Location: Tahlequah, Oklahoma Popular majors: Criminal Justice, Business

Administration, Psychology

Student population: 9,261 students

Feature: One of the most affordable and cost effective universities in USA

Scholarships: available in the form of campus work study opportunities

Tuition & Living Cost

- Undergraduate: $10,722 -Living Expenses: $5,745





Delaware County Community College

Location: Media, PA
Offers nine associate degree programs that put a student on the

path to a
bachelor’s degree, plus transfer agreements with numerous four-year schools

Popular majors: General Studies, Management, Nursing, Business, and

Criminal Justice
Student population: 12,000 students Feature: No TOEFL/IELTS required Enrollment deadline:

- Fall semester: July 15th
- Spring Semester: Nov 15th

Housing options: Homestay

Tuition & Living Cost
- Associate: $9,024 -Living Expenses: $10,000




Lane County Community College

Location: Eugene, Oregon
Popular majors: Business, Engineering, Culinary Arts,

Sustainability, and Aviation

Student population: 13,975 students

Feature: 2+2 program with Oregon Public University gives students the

advantage of an extra year of Optional Practical Training Enrollment deadline:

- Fall quarter: August 1st - Winter quarter: Nov 1st - Spring quarter: Feb 1st

Housing options: On Campus/Homestay Scholarship: $500-$1,000
Tuition & Living Cost

- Associate: $9,000 -Living Expenses: $8,400






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